Coy Insurance Agency

Proper Policies & Complete Coverage

Get your boats and watercraft covered with insurance policies by Coy Insurance Agency. We evaluate your boat and offer you optimum coverage depending on the size and value of your boat. With our expert team, we have been serving Texas for 30 years, and our goal is to provide you with policies that you can afford.

Coy Insurance Agency

We Provide Insurance For

  • Houseboats.
  • Sailboats.
  • Pontoon boats.
  • Paddle boats.
  • Leisure crafts.
  • Yachts.

Other watercraft.

Importance of Boat Insurance

A boat is usually one of the biggest investments and it can incur high costs due to damages. Boats are easily damaged by floods, fire, etc. Like any other automobile, boats are also prone to accidents.

At Coy Insurance Agency, our professionals have in-depth knowledge about boats and their insurance requirements. All you need to do is reach out to us with your boat specification and needs. We give personal attention to all our clients and assist you with effective policies.

Partner with Coy Insurance Agency to keep your boat from the risk of theft, damage, losses, and other unforeseen events.